Line Bank lives a life of colors; a rich and full life filled with people, adventure and travel. Growing up on the Danish island of Funen and later raising her family in southern Jutland, Line currently lives much of the year on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca. Previously she and her family have resided on New Zealand and the Spanish mainland.

These many and varied impressions of cultures, people, food and nature stream from the brush to the canvas. Through colors, Line Bank simultaneously captures and releases her passion for painting. The personal interpretations of life’s senses and experiences in her paintings give joy to others.  Essential for Line Bank to receive joy, is her conscious focus and large capacity to be helpful and have concern for others.

Line’s diverse and active life in contrast with the quiet and alone hours spent in her altiér, is the muse which inspires her to approach challenges with an open mind. The same diversity which embraces Line’s life, is the inspiration that lends direction to Line’s approach to her next canvas.  A small purple flower which has found it’s way up through parched earth will intuitively determine the color of the mood for her pallet.  Line’s paintings are an extension of her physical surroundings as well as the spiritual integration of her life’s paths.